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PC to TV Wireless VGA

Well here then my first Blog ever :)
O why not everyone is writing a blog now days right?

Well anyway today I was trying to figure out a better way of how to connect my pc to my TV.
I had my pc and laptop connected to my TV before, but I kept switching my vga cable with my normal monitor so it was no to good for my Graphic card.
We were talking at work about which Wireless VGA was an option for connecting a beamer. So back home I started looking for any Wireless video option so I could connect my pc to my TV wireless. Before I had to walk over the cable day in and out.

I found out the wireless vga technology was quite new so there were not many options jet. I found a Wireless USB to VGA Kit from iogear which also looked quite nice on the Eye. Too bad this was pretty much the only nice one I could find. Others where big boxes like routers and modem size.
After reading some information I read there are still many limits. As if the distance is more than a few meters a smaller resolution had to be use. And then the Price...  I will do it with a cable for now.