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Why choose for ambilight

So now days you hear a lot of people talking about ambilight TV’s. So I was wondering why choose for an ambilight TV.  I found out there are a few good reasons and that there are also different kinds so I listed them down here.

Reasons to choose for ambilight:
1 while you are watching a movie, the lights will pull you into the movie.
2 Ambilight is better for your eyes. There will be less change to get an eye strain, because your eyes are not only concentrated on the TV itself
3 what is also interesting is apply Ambilight into PC games this version is called AmBX.

There appears to be different kinds of ambilight:
1 There is Aurea it is the next version of Philips ambilight TV’s.
2 Ambilight Spectra: Projects one soft glow onto the walls
3 Ambilight Spectra 2: Got 2 lights which widens the screen
4 Ambilight Spectra 3: Surrounds the TV with lights on three sides