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Another day of work, people keep asking me questions almost every week, can you convert this file for me? How do I open this file which I  received?  How come I cannot play this movie? Can you install a program so I can watch this video clip? So I said, why don’t  you convert mpg online?

It’s impossible to keep up with all different kinds of video formats now days. I cannot imagine how much it would cost if we would have to buy a new program whenever a new video format is brought out. If you install a program on one day, the next day they come to you again. “Someone made a new website for us and he sent us a preview movie so we can check if it is alright with it. But the program you gave me yesterday is not playing this file can you help?”. So finally you found the right program, all do you paid a lot for it, it does play many format and it can be updated with new formats. YES!
No not really… the next day they find Youtube

Youtube convert mp3 online

Yes, you finally got them able to play all video’s they received, but now they want Youtube to convert mp3 online. You bought that nice program, but for sure it will not be able to get does video’s from other places online. So what now, I need another program? No!

Solution Convert mp4 online

Well I finally found the solution. Why bother buying new programs and spend time to help does people convert their video’s? It is way more simple Browse the web! It is just amazing how much you can do online. Just find the right website to convert mp4 online and with a few clicks the format is converted for free.

Try it!