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Some free online web applications

Useful web applications to replace your desktop applications.

Is it not annoying when you are working on another computer, but it does not have the applications you just needed?
So then you think you will need to buy, download and install a software product, just for that single file you wanted to work with. Well maybe not,

It is just amazing how many applications are integrated in websites now days. The best thing of all, most of them are free!
Is it not handy when you want to open a office file, but the computer you are on doesn’t have office installed. Now, with a few clicks on the internet you can just read that document without having to install any software or fill in any registration form first.

Office documents are just one example, there are plenty of applications I could think of.
Some of the most used online web applications I listed down below:


Your web based office application online:

This website is your office program online.
You can create documents, spreadsheets en presentations online. Import and export documents and share the documents with others if needed. You could even work with a couple of people on the same file at once.


Online converter office 2007:

It is very annoying when you are working on a computer with an older version of Microsoft Office but you need to open Office 2007 files like Docx, xlsx etc. This website will convert the document to an older version


Your online PDF creator:

On this website you can simple upload one of your files and convert the file to PDF with just a few clicks


Your WinZip online

This websites let you compress and decompress files.
The supported files at the moment are: zip, tar and tgz


Your online media convertor:

 When you have some media files but you cannot play them on your computer, you can simple convert the file to a format which your computer is able to play. This website supports video files, images, audio and documents. Simply too many extensions to name here


Your Photoshop online:

 No photo or picture editor installed? No problem! On this website you can edit your photos and other images with many fancy tools there is no registration or installation needed


Your Online FTP Client:

 You might not have a FTP client installed. But if your computer is at work, school or a public building FTP might have been blocked. On this website you can connect to a ftp server of your choose and start down/up loading your files.


 Please leave a comment if you know another nice website!




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Nice information about free online web applications. Thanks for that