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Geen Style

Geen Style the words say it all, crazy news facts funny pictures and everything you need to know to tell your friends about it. The news which they can’t show you on the TV, will be revealed on this website. So prepare for a wild ride.

A lot of daily articles can be found on the Geen style website. Think about funny quote’s from  politic meetings. Or maybe there has been a robbery but they can’t reveal the robbers on the TV but they sure will here. O wait, did the farmers have a party last week? Alright they will show you the pictures.
Do you remember that guy/girl who did something stupid last year? They will make sure you won’t forget.  Also if there is some online contest where you can win some nice prices or maybe just a simple game to spend some time, it can be found here.

I often check this website to see for any news. But also when something amazing is happening on the current  day, they often have a live feed to show you the latest. If you don’t mind you can also post your own news, or if you lost something, the readers will find it for you.