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Best split screen Xbox 360 game


Failout new Vegas or will this game blow your mind away? Let’s have a look on the release date.

On 16 November 2010 it will start all over again. Prepare for a nice new part of wasteland with some new content. The question is will this be a failout or will this be a perfect new version to play.
I simple can’t wait, I want to play it now. This time the game will be released on Xbox 360 Play station and for PC.

So what is new compared to Fallout 3 you ask? Well I will mention a few interesting parts. This time all event will take place in the West. There will be many new weapons and of course don’t forget the casino’s. There are quite some special robots around this time and also the sky will be blue. It is just to bad that there are no horses around as in Red dead Redemption. But of course with all those nuclear stuff around that would make more sense. Then not to forget, the IA has been improved.

So are you ready? Start thinking of you will be good or bad or else it will be a totally failout!