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1 britse pond

1 British pound to convert various currencies including the euro, including an overview.
Today it was on the news, there are again a lot of U.S. dollars created in distant America. But now is different than the dollar. Let us today about the pounds.

1 british pound is how many euros

gbp or in words, the Great Britain Pound stands today at an exchange rate of 0.87340.
This has also been different, but this year it is still quite stable. Here we had a valley of 0.81587 in August this year and a peak of 0.88146 in April this year. All in all, not much change so this year despite the credit crisis.

1 British pound Euro
No, not again. Let us now is the Belarusian ruble (BYR) view, this is today 4826.03527. Look at the amounts are the better.