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ipv6 router

ipv6 router advice for both large and small uses such as home networks.
It is the future Internet Protocol Version 6, the older IPv4 will be replaced in the coming years.
It is therefore wise to purchase new hardware to be here already taken into account. Ipv5 never been through it but after 2011 expected at all ip addresses are. 

UMTS ipv6

Even when buying a new phone is a good idea to see if this phone already has the IPv6 protocol in the future so you can use the UMTS connection. The same goes for a laptop card that you can use the Internet at various locations

ipconfig ipv6

To verify whether your router ipv6 to drill, follow the following procedure to verify this:
1 On the Start menu click on run
2: Enter CMD and press Enter
3 Type in "ipconfig / all" Enter
4 Check in the text if ipv6 is present.

ipv6 dhcp

When purchasing a new server it also watch out. It would be a shame if you end up with a nice Windows Server 2008 IPv6 is an older version. In this case you have DHCP running on the server but should in future be replaced yet again, the same goes for the home PC with Vista IPv6. Just make sure that the case for IPv6 is enabled after windows7 you have installed. Windows XP is not recommended

ipv6 linux

You may see no future in Windows and are you ready for a new OS. Then there is always ipv6 linux. This one is also available in several versions. Other variants include: Mac OS, I-phone and of course the HTC phones.