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How to Install windows7 from usb

What if you got a nice laptop but it doesn't have any DVD/CD Drive or any OS . Well you grasp a USB stick and use it to install Windows7 or Windows Vista on the Laptop


*One running computer (to prepare the usb stick)
* If your Windows computer is XP, you need USB_Multiboot_10.cmd:
*USB Flash Drive  4GB or larger
*Windows 7 or Vista setup files (DVD)

Preparing the usb stick:

1. Clean up all the files on the usb stick

!!If you are on Windows7 Vista Use 2a,  if you are on Windows Xp read 2b !!

2a. In the Start menu search box Type cmd and hit Ctrl+ Shift+ Enter
     Or In the Start menu go to  "All programs" "Accessories" right click on "Command Prompt" and select Run as administrator. (Go to step 3)

2b Run USB_MultiBoot_10.cmd —> press any key. Choose option 2  (H),  choose nfts and format (not quick format)
     In the Start menu Run box Type cmd + Enter
     Start at Step 13 of this guide
3. In the black box type: DISKPART + Enter
. Type: LIST DISK + Enter  Write down the disk number of your flash drive
5. Type: SELECT DISK 1 + Enter (Replace "1" if needed with the number of the disk drive from step 4)
6. Type: CLEAN + Enter
8. Type: SELECT PARTITION 1 + Enter
9. Type: ACTIVE + Enter
10. Type: FORMAT FS=NTFS + Enter
11. Type: ASSIGN + Enter
12. Type: EXIT + Enter
13. Insert the Window7 or Vista DVD in your DVD Drive write down the drive letters of your DVD drive and the USB Drive.
14. In the black box type: D:CD BOOT + Enter (Replace the "D" for the letter of your DVD Drive.)
15. Type: CD BOOT + Enter
16. Type: BOOTSECT.EXE/NT60 U: + Enter (Replace the "U" for the letter of your USB Drive.)
17. Open Windows Explorer or "My Computer" and Copy all the files from the Windows 7 or Vista DVD to the USB drive.

 The bootable USB setup is ready to use. Keep in mind you might need to change the Boot order on the target machine