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How to install Android

 Would it not be cool to run your Android phone from tour computer?

How to install android on Windows 7


Download Android SDK from
Download Java SE Development kit from

1 Install JAVA using the default options
2 Open Windows Explorer or “My Computer” and browse to the JAVA Bin folder. Default will be C:\Program Files\Java\JDK-version number\bin
3 Copy the full path name for example: “C:\Program Files\Java\JDK1.60_14\bin”
4 In the start menu select “Run” and type: sysdm.cpl + enter
5 Open the Tab  “Advanced” and choose  “environments variables”
6 In the Bottom Window choose “Path” and click the Edit button
7 Scroll all the way to the end of the file and make sure there is a ; at the end or else type it
8 paste the full directory path you copied at the end of the row and finish it with a ;
9 Close the windows by pressing “OK”
10 Create a folder named “android” on the C Drive
11 Extract the Android zip file to this new made folder
12 Plug in your Android phone
13 a message will popup asking you for a driver. Choose browse and go to the Android folder and then usb driver folder
14 Browse to the Android tool folder and copy the full path again (including Tools)
15 Repeat step 4 till 9 again only this time past the Android tool folder path.
16 Now you can start using the tools in the android tools directory