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freenas setup

Installing FreeNAS

FreeNAS installation instructions and troubleshooting for home users.
With this application you can easily own your home Nas Server up on an old computer. This saves the considerable costs because you do not need to buy new hardware. See instructions below to install FreeNAS


1 Start the computer from the cdrom FreeNAS, if you must first enable via bios
2 From the "Welcome to FreeNAS" screen 1 option "Boot Default".
2a do not choose the option FreeNAS ftp
3 Select the menu option 9 to install on a hard drive or USB stick
3a Select FreeNAS iSCSI if you want to use this feature
4 Select Option 1: Install Embedded OS on HDD / Flash / USB
5 Click the next few screens (Self-explanatory), then remove the CD and restart the computer
6 In the window that appears, use the ip address of the computer must be able to connect to the server Nas