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windows installer vista

Windows vista installer not working and troubleshooting manuals for msi and services.
The first tip I want to give, always try first window desktop recovery and possibly turn the Active Desktop. Microsoft beet self-help with the Windows Installer Cleanup. This tool ensures that at least for the clean installation begins. The following error occurs regularly:

The Windows Installer Service

The Windows Installer Service Could not be accessed. This can-occure if the Windows Installer is not installed Correctly. Contact your support personnel for assistance. Try this with the following error: The right mouse button on the setup and select run as administrator.

Can not access the Windows Installer service.

In this message: "Can not access the Windows Installer Service" when you install a program in Windows XP. Can you solve:

1: Open the registry and go to the root classes
2: Edit it and click Permissions
3: Look: "system" here in between, if not create it
4: Check the box and set it to full control
5: Apply this and restart the computer