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an error occurred while opening a window

The error “"an error occurred while opening a window” you might experience when trying to open Lotus Notes.
This might happen when you click the Lotus Notes shortcut twice or Lotus Notes was not closed properly the last time.
The problem occurred because there are still some processes running in the background which can’t be started twice

Solution for: "an error occurred while opening a window”

Of course you can easily restart the computer but there is another way.

Option one:
Download a program called “Kill Notes” this program will kill all the processes involved with a single click

Option Two (Manual)

1 In the start menu select Run
2 Type the following command and Enter:  c:\program files\lotus\notes\nsd.exe –kill
(change the path if needed)



0 #2 2012-02-23 08:16

I think “Kill notes” is much easier compare to manual. Kill notes work automatically only you have to just open task manager and kill process ntaskldr.exe.

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0 #1 2012-02-22 06:52
Thanks for post solution