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Lotus Notes rules

lotus notes rules not working problem solution and explanation how to create them.
With the mail rules you can sort your email in different kinds of way. I will explain a bit of what kind of things you can do with the LN rules and how to fix them when they are no longer working.

Often you use the Lotus Notes rules for incoming email. For example you can automatically forward all the incoming emails to some folders in your inbox , or to any external email address as well. This can be handy when you forward your work email to your private address, so you will be able to read your mails from home. Also you can filter a couple of mail out. If you don’t want to read your CC emails, you could create a CC folder and then create a rule to forward all the cc mails to this folder without any interaction.


If your rule is no longer working or you want to delete the rule but it keeps functioning please try the next. (Keep in mind before you delete a rule, you need to disable it first).

Deactivate and delete the rule if it still exists.
Recreate the exact same rule with the same folder name and address etc.
Activate this rule and disable it again. Now leave it disabled if you don’t want it to work, or enable it when you do want it to work.

In case you don’t remember the exact things you entered you will have to delete the rule order in Domino designer.



0 #1 2012-02-23 08:21
Hi ,

Yesterday i have been trying deactivate and delete the rule.But it shows Error. Have any idea ?

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