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VPN passthrough

Vpn Passthrough problems and hardware advice.

Let me first explain what Vpn Passthrough means. Many people do not know that there is a different.
A lot of companies use a device for true VPN technologies. This is the best but a more expensive solution. This kind of hardware often also support SSL connections (Secure connections) and IPsec and some other technologies as well.

At smaller businesses  the often use the Vpn Passthrough on their network. In simple words, the real vpn configuration is not done locally but on a vpn server on the internet.
When this is the case, it is really recommended to pay attention to the kind of home router you buy.

Some basic troubleshooting.
In case your device support  Nat Traversal and it is switched off then please turn it back on.
Pass the information of your device to you IT department, they might have to add your information before you can successfully make a connection.
Also don’t forget to ask which ports you need to open.