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msn error code 8e5e0713

msn error code 8e5e0713 troubleshooting for various situations including the latest update.
Unfortunately, this error still at various time points. Several solutions are possible and available. Unfortunately, the solution may be different for each. Recently I bought this when someone can solve this by carrying out a check disk on the system. Here was the reason that a file of MSN Messenger was damaged. See instructions below on how a disk check can be performed.

1 Open the Windows Explorer or My Computer "screen
2 Click the right mouse button on the C drive and select Properties.
3 Click the Tools tab and then click the button: "Check".
4 Select both check boxes and click Start
5 may need to restart your computer to fully control and monitor the disk.

This solution is for me the issue, but this need not be for everyone. It is always worthwhile to check the disk to start. Even if this does MSN repaired damaged, other files are equal repaired.