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sharepoint error

sharepoint an error list of error messages and solutions for various versions.
You would not have noticed but sharepoint 2010.2007 and earlier are increasingly used in the office. The old file and directory structure is put into a new jacket with all new technologies that. Unfortunately, a new application again new error messages with it. Below is a list of the most common errors along with the corresponding solution

Access denied

Sharepoint access denied error when the will is in most cases the truth. In this case, go to the manager and ask if they want to give you access. But there are other causes. You might be trying to access the site via an IP address. Replace the IP address for the server name for a better operation. Should the site not be found, write down the site than in the host file in Windows

sharepoint 2436 event

If you have problems with this event you should knock on your system. This problem is caused by an update to sp1. This is also true for Event ID: 537. Perform the following operation on the server itself:
1 On the Start menu and run off the register.
2 Go to HKLM \ SYSTEM \ CurrentControlSet \ Control \ LSA.
3 Click the right mouse button on LSA and to create a new Dword value.
4 Name the DisableLoopbackCheck and give it a value of "1".
5 Restart the computer.

sharepoint unexpected error

This is unfortunately the most difficult of all, as this could have several causes. The best you can the system checked the event viewer. Pay particular attention to what applications look like Canner open. It is also useful to measure the error report to which first appeared

sharepoint error 500

This can have several causes. This can range from an expired license to an incorrect setting in the web browser. If a license is placed in the error free version, please be sure that no further additions are installed. If you are tired that the error is caused by the browser then try a different browser.

Sharepoint Configuration Failed.

This message may appear when installing the server as a wrong framework installed. Open an Internet Explorer and go to the Security tab under Internet Options. Then look for the tab page where the last framework between. Set the "non-HTTP WCF Activation" and restart the browser.