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Windows XP on Windows 7

Windows XP on  Windows 7 different solutions and installation methods.
There are several ways to run XP on W7. Example, a full installation of XP, or maybe you just want the programs to run under XP mode. Fortunately, Microsoft has a solution here either invented.

Windows XP mode
By a small piece of software downloaded from the official Microsoft website, you can go by a number of small transactions old XP software on your windows7 environment. Once the software is installed, you can use the XP mode with one click to activate or deactivate. You can then install XP application or after the installation start.

Windows Virtual PC
This more comprehensive piece of software (including Microsoft) is a complete virtual XP installation. In this environment, about everything from the original environment w7 used, think of all equipment is connected to the USB, file sharing and copying and pasting from the clipboard.